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  • IRS/RSS BV Temporary Points Run-through Sign Nr Certificate No PA05/05458
  • IRS/RSS BV TSR Board NR Certificate PA05/05982
  • IRS/RSS BV Safety Barrier NR Certificate No PA05/05085


  • Silicosis~ An American Viewpoint
  • Work-Place Cancer ~ The Facts (IOSH)
  • IOSH Certificate
  • IOSH International Award

User Instructions

  • Print Instructions for Installation Manual
  • Switch & Crossing Installation Manual
  • Temporary Speed Restriction Boards (TSR) Installation Manual
  • Magnetically Attached Safety Barrier Installation Manual
  • Points Run-through Signage Installation Manual
  • Lookout Kit Installation Manual


  • Flat Roof Safety System
  • Centenary Maintenance Ladder
  • © IRS/RSS BV Points Run-through Sign
  • © IRS/RSS BV – Maintenance Pit Barrier
  • © IRS/RSS BV Safety Barrier Gate
  • © IRS/RSS BV -Temporary Speed Restriction (TSR) Board
  • © IRS/RSS BV Switch and Crossing Barrier
  • © IRS/RSS BV – Lookout Kit
  • © IRS/RSS BV – Magnetic Barrier Brochure
  • © IRS/RSS BV Trench Barrier Brochure
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