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The Product

How does the Magnetically Attached Safety Barrier work? 

Erecting the system is a matter of a few steps:

  • Click the stanchion using the magnet into the web of the rail.
  • Click the next stanchion into the web of the rail at a distance of about 3  metres.
  • Place the tube in the holder and attach the next tube with a simple patented interlocking system.
  • Repeat the steps above until the entire length of  the working area has been secured.

Dismantle in reverse:

The Magnetic Safety Barrier when working on the track.

Employees that perform engineering work on the track must be able to work in total safety.  A fence needs to screen the area being worked from the track on which trains are still running.

  1. The RSS Railway Safety System has been tested by HHC/DRS Inspecties B.V. and certified to EN 13374 (Class A), the industry directive RLN0077-V004 July 2010 and the Health & Safety regulation 3.16 of The Netherlands Ministry of Social Affairs & Employment.
  2. The magnet is very strong (tensile force up to 600 Kg/N) and cannot be pulled off.
  3. Easy dismantling with one arm movement, using the patented head attachment.
  4. Stanchions made of high-quality galvanized steel.



Why use the Magnetic Safety Barrier as opposed to conventional barrier types?


It works at least 20 times quicker than conventional methods using the simple, unique, World Patented, Magnetically Attached Safety System. It protects both the Health of the workforce from ballast borne dieases such as Silica Dust, Letospirosis etc. in conjunction with Phyisical Protection from moving vehicles. No other system can provide both!! Additionally,it will significantly reduce 'possession times' and attendant costs.

Image gallery

  • Murphy and Sons Rail Safety Systems Magnetic Barrier

  • Beeston Trial rss-network-rail-uk

    Trying to push it over - unsuccessfully! It takes 700 kg of force to remove in a straight line!

  • Beeston Trial rss-network-rail-uk

  • Beeston Trial rss-network-rail-uk

  • BAM Nuttall Netherlands

  • BAM Nuttall Netherlands

  • BAM Nuttall Netherlands

  • Morgan Sindal Energlyn

  • Rail Live Railcare Vacuming Ballast

  • Track and Plant show

  • Training Amey operatives - GWEP Project

  • Magnet-attached in web of the rail

    Ballast is NOT disturbed

  • Rail Safety Systems Train

The Benefits

  1. Consists of two components. No loose No tools needed
  2. Certified to EN 13374 (Class A), World Patented, approved by Network Rail: PA05 05085.
  3. Stanchions placed at 3m intervals, twice the distance of conventional barriers.
  4. No ballast is removed, operatives are not required to go into the 4’00”.
  5. No danger of damaging underground signalling cables.
  6. Does NOT affect track circuits or Axle counters.
  7. Can be used in areas with S & C.
  8. Very strong magnet but easy dismantling with one arm movement.
  9. Safe for operatives, with no hazardous ballast dust (Silica) or pathogens (e.g. Weil’s disease, Leptospirosis) disturbed in ballast.
  10. No removal/replacement of ballastmajor savings in working and possession costs
  11. Safe quick assembly/disassembly, simple magnetic attachment to the web of rail,
  12. In a Safe System of work, 102m can be erected in a 15min line-blockage.
  13. Can be used in freezing temperatures (-20oC) or high temperatures (+80oC) when ‘track distortion’ is an issue.

The patented Magnetic Safety Barrier is easy to use and will therefore, be used!




Advantages of The Rail Safety Systems BV Magnetically Attached Safety Barrier over Conventional Barriers are obvious.  

The Magnetic Safety Barrier under construction , and a comparative study of the procedure with  existing systems currently in use.  You will note the extraordinary difference in speed of assembly and dismantling and the reduction in both operators time and the effort involved. This will significantly reduce ‘possession  times’ and attendant costs.  Additionally the Health of the workforce is safeguarded by them potentially breathing in Silica Dusts and other pathogens present in the ballast (e.g. Weils’s Disease).

The Conclusion

The System has major logistical savings during transportation:

Pallet Frame containing 30 Stanchions

The RSS Railway Safety System is designed such that 1,440 running metres of the system can be transported with one tractor-trailer. This minimises the costs of transport. 

Minimum storage thanks to efficient stacking logistics of the stanchions and tubes. Stanchions and tubes are transported in specially designed bins that are stacked for efficiency.

Fully laden Lorry
  • 720 tubes  3 metres long distributed across 15 bins of 48 tubes
  • 480 stanchions distributed across 16 bins of 30 stanchions


Approved By

Product approval number

Network Rail: PA05/05085

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