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The Product

How does the Magnetically Attached ‘Lookout Protection / Refuge Kit’ work?

Lookouts are particulary vunerable – they work on their own, sometimes considerable distances from other operatives on the worksite, often for long periods with the sole function of looking out for traffic and issuing warnings and untill now have largely been unprotected, or not provided with a system to keep them in a Place of Safety. As a consequence, proportionately, Lookouts are constantly in a dangerous position and are more often seriously injured, often fatally, when compared to the rest of the workforce.

This has now been rectified with the introduction of the
Rail Safety Systems BV
Lookout Protection Safety Barrier Kit:

Until now, offering protection using conventional barrier systems that are attached to the underside of the rail, has meant that the Lookout would have to place themselves in danger by working within ’the 4’ 00” to dig out the ballast and attach a Safety Barrier.
This is NOT the case with the RSS Lookout Protection Safety Barrier Kit.

The RSS Lookout Protection Safety Barrier Kit comes in a Kit form with all the requisite stanchions and handrail poles in a bag which can carried like a rucksack on the shoulders, leaving their hands free to carry other objects (bags, flags, detonators etc).
It can be erected and dismantled from a position of safety and keeps the Lookout in a position of Safety 1300 mm from the edge of the rail. It is simple to erect and dismantle, light to carry, and offers a level of protection never before afforded Lookouts.

Erecting the system is a matter of a few steps:
1) With the stanchion folded and from a position of safety, insert the stanchion using the magnet into the web of the rail
2) Insert the next stanchion into the web of the rail at a distance of about 1.0 metre using the same procedure.
3) From a position of safety, remove the pin holding the vertical leg and pull it to its upright position – re-insert the pin in the appropriate hole.
4) Place the Aluminium handrail tube(s) in the holder(s).
5) You are now in a position of safety!

Dismantle in reverse:


How long does it take to erect/dismantle? Is it a permanent barrier?


It literally takes a few minutes to erect/dismantle from a position of safety. However, it is NOT a permanent barrier but provides a reference point/position for anybody standing in a position away from the worksite such as a Lookout.

Image gallery

  • Folded Stanchion

  • Lookout Kit Backpack

  • Lookout Kit

    Folding Stanchion in position.

  • Illustration of an operative alongside Lookout Kit

  • Lookout kit

    The kit under test in our workshop.

  • Lookout Kit

    The kit under test in our workshop

  • Alternative Carrying Case

    All the equipment required by a Lookout can be carried in this holdall/bag.

The Benefits

Benefits of the Magnetically attached Lookout Kit / Safety Barrier
The RSS Railway Safety System consists of only two components
The RSS Railway Safety System has been tested by HHC/DRS Inspecties B.V. and certified to EN 13374 (Class A), and is approved. No loose components

❖No tools needed
❖No danger of damaging underground signalling cables
❖Allows tamping & ballast cleaning to continue whilst in-situ
❖Very strong magnet (tensile force up to 600 Kg/N)
❖Easy dismantling with one arm movement
❖Does NOT affect track circuits or Axle counters
❖Can be used in areas with S & C
❖Safe to use, with no hazardous pathogens or ‘Silica Ballast Dust’ generated.
❖Safe and fast assembly/disassembly, with a simple magnetic attachment to the web of the rail, with no removal or replacement of ballast and thus a major saving in working and possession costs (within a ❖Safe System of work can be erected in a line-blockage – 100m/15mins)
❖Can be used in freezing temperatures (to-20oC) with frozen ballast or in high temperatures (to+80oC) when ‘track distortion’ is an issue.

The patented Magnetically Attached Safety Barrier

is easy to use and will therefore, be used!

The Conclusion

The Magnetically Attached RSS Lookout Safety Barrier when working on the track
Proportionally more lookouts are injured or killed than any other group of workers on the railway as until now there has been no efficient way of protecting them.  Employees that perform engineering work on the track must be able to work in total safety. A fence/barrier needs to screen the area being worked from the track on which trains are still running.  It gives a Lookout a reference point.

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