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The Product


How does the Magnetic Safety Barrier work across Switches and Crossings? 

Erecting the system is simple and quick – a matter of a few steps:


Building 1st conventional adjustable stanchion

Place the stanchion in the web of the rail alongside the ‘rail clip’ and if possible make sure it is supported by the sleeper/ballast. Ensure that the vertical tube of the stanchion is in a ‘vertical’ position relative to the Rail. (Using gloves, remove coarse soiling between the magnet and the rail. The stanchion must be freely supported on the sleeper/ballast.)

Building 2nd conventional adjustable stanchion

Place the 2nd stanchion at the opposite end of the switch you are intending to protect with the safety barrier a distance of approximately 30 metres from the 1st stanchion.

Placing handrail tubes

Take the 3m tubes and lay them on the ground (over the track/switch) and join them together to form a straight line between each of the 2no conventional uprights you first positioned at either end of the intended protection area.

Erecting the Special stanchions

You now need to position the 10no Special stanchions at 3m max intervals. Place them in the normal way on either side of the track. Release the safety clip and leave the vertical leg loose to enable further adjustment. Make approximate adjustments (in/out), so that they allow the handrail laid down previously to remain in a straight line. Do not fix at this juncture.

Securing the handrail and positioning the stanchions.

When you are satisfied that all the special stanchions are in the approximate position, place the handrail to rest on the bottom clip and with someone else guiding you from one end of the system, fix all the stanchions in place with the appropriate clips. Push the handrails into the clamps.


It may take several attempts to ensure a straight line until you are proficient. Position and clamp in the top handrail.


How long will it take to erect?


When you have completed the process a few times, it should only take about 20mins (twenty minutes) for 2 operatives to complete.

Image gallery

  • Positioning of stanchions

    Different positioning of stanchions with ‘Swivel vertical section and swivel handrail clips’.

  • Installation

    30m installed by one gang of 2 operatives in one 20 minute shift

  • Installation 2

    30m installed by one gang of 2 operatives in one 20 minute shift

  • Single Special Stanchion

    Between Converging Tracks

  • Fixed Length and Adjustable Stanchions

    Showing non-adjustable barrier is the same distance from the rail (1.25m) as the adjustable barrier fixed at the first hole.

  • Single Special Stanchion

  • Completed Installation

  • Completed Installation

  • Completed Installation

  • Completed Installation

  • Completed Installation

The Benefits

Consists of two components. No loose parts. No tools needed

Certified to EN 13374 (Class A), World Patented, approved by Network Rail: PA05 .

❖No loose components.
❖No tools needed.
❖No danger of damaging underground signalling cables.
❖Allows tamping & ballast cleaning to continue whilst in-situ.
❖Very strong magnet (tensile force up to 600 Kg/N).
❖Easy dismantling with one arm movement.
❖Does NOT affect track circuits or Axle counters.
❖Can be used in areas with S & C.
❖Safe to use, with no hazardous pathogens or ‘Silica Ballast Dust’ generated.
❖Safe and fast assembly/disassembly, with a simple magnetic attachment to the web of the rail, with no removal or replacement of ballast and thus a major saving in working and possession costs (within a Safe System of work can be erected in a line-blockage – 100m/15mins).
❖Can be used in freezing temperatures (to-20oC) with frozen ballast or in high temperatures (to+80oC) when ‘track distortion’ is an issue.

The patented Magnetically Attached Trench Safety Barrier

is easy to use and will therefore, be used!


This video shows both the method and the speed of erection.

The Conclusion

Please note:

This product is exclusively available for hire only from our authorised agents :

TPA Roadways ~ 0870 2402381

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