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How does the Magnetic Safety Barrier Gate work ?

Erecting the system is a matter of a few steps:

  1.  Erect the first stanchion by inserting the magnet into the web  of the rail – the second stanchion some 2.8m away and fix the handrails.  Continue to erect barrier and having erected some 40m or so of Safety Barrier – leave a gap by
  2.  Attaching the next stanchion into the web of the rail at a distance of about 1.2 – 1.4m meters.
  3.  Place the GRP Safety Gate over the handrail tubes as shown in the diagram.
  4.  Repeat the steps above until the entire length of the working area has been secured and there are  NO PERCEIVEABLE GAPS!

Dismantle in reverse.

Magnetic Safety Barrier Gate when Working on the track:

Employees that perform engineering work on the track must be able to work in total safety.  A fence needs to screen the area being worked from the track on which trains are still running.  However, the current Network Rail Rule Book states “there should be a gap in the Barrier every 40m, to provide an escape exit”.  The latest European Standard on Edge Protection (EN 13374) does not concur with this edict and states that Safety Barriers should be continuous.  The method of escape should therefore follow the mnemonic ‘OUT’ (Over, Under, Through) and the Safety Barrier should be designed accordingly.  The RSS Safety Barrier conforms entirely to all aspects and requirements of the European Edge Protection Standard ( EN 13374).

However, we do not presume to tell anyone how to produce a SSOW or override the Rule Book and some PICOPS and COSS’s wish to retain the gap and so we have produced an easily installed and easily removable gate system.

NB: The RSS Railway Safety System has been tested by HHC/DRS Inspecties B.V. and certified to EN 13374 (Class A), the industry directive RLN0077-V004 July 2010 and the Health & Safety regulation 3.16 of The Netherlands Ministry of Social Affairs & Employment


Does the Safety Barrier require 'Gaps' every 40m?


The 'New European Standard' EN 13374 does not require gaps every 40m. The Barrier should be strong enough to support the weight of a person climbing over it, high enough to provide a gap big enough to roll under it, and have a gap between the handrails of 500mm to allow a person to climb through it .Over, Under, Through ='OUT',However if the COSS requires 'gaps' here is the solution?

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The Benefits

The RSS Railway Safety System consists of only two components

  1. The RSS Railway Safety System consists of only two components
  2. The RSS Railway Safety System has been tested by HHC/DRS Inspecties B.V. and certified to EN 13374 (Class A), and is approved by Network Rail PA05 05085
  3. No loose components
  4. No tools needed
  5. No danger of damaging underground signaling cables
  6. Allows tamping & ballast cleaning to continue whilst in-situ
  7. Safe, simple and light
  8. Simple, safe and fast assembly/disassembly, with a simple magnetic attachment to the web of the rail, with no requirement to remove or replace ballast – hence no hazardous ballast dust is inhaled by the workforce
  9. Very fast build time and thus a major saving in working and possession costs
  10. Very strong magnet (tensile force up to 600 Kg/N)
  11. Easy dismantling with one arm movement
  12. Does NOT affect track circuits or Axle counters
  13. Can be used in areas with S & C
  14. Can be used even under freezing circumstances when ballast is frozen or covered with snow, and removes the potential for ‘Track distortion’ in high temperatures.

The patented Magnetic Safety Barrier is easy to use
and will
therefore, be used!

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